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As our legendary teacher Chu Van An once said:

"I have never heard of a growing nation that undervalues learning."

Schools in the forgotten land

IEG Foundation's annual project committing to rebuilding public schools in the remote and underprivileged areas across Vietnam

Each year, we commit to rebuilding 01 public school governed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and is located in remote areas across Vietnam. 

Our existing sources of financial support consist of internal personnel of IEG Global, individual donors, and organization donors with legal entities registered in Vietnam or overseas.

There is a real-life fairy tale about a H’mong student who used to walk barefoot to school alone for hours through all school years - who has then made it to Fulbright University Vietnam with a full scholarship. 


Being inspired by this story, we have sought our way to rebuild schools in the most underprivileged areas across the country.


Each school rebuilt is a promise for every child's potential to be nurtured and flourished. That way, school building to us is but amongst the most humane mission to pursue.


My little little school

lies silently, silently in the woods.

My endearing beautiful teacher

teaches me many many songs. 

Can you smell the woods? How are the hills with green views? 

Do you hear the sounds - those whispered by the river? 

Let’s say thanks to Mr and Mrs Palm Trees

for their big big shade

along my way to the little little school.












Our dear partner

Mr. Quy Dinh Pham is the leader of the magical construction team who have built more than 100 schools in remote areas across Vietnam in 5 years. 

One’s future relies heavily on the education they receive. There are so many schools at which it would be unusual not to see raindrops leaking through the roof or bitterly cold wind slipping through the wall and doors. That hurts. Therefore, I want to build schools that can meet the very basic requirements of safety so that the children can go there, be carefree about those matters, and enjoy learning.


Apparently, it cannot be guaranteed if accessing the schooling education can promise their wealthy future with some annual 9-digit income. However, at least they can take care of themselves with proper awareness and knowledge of health and hygiene. 


During my onsite research trips, I’ve seen so many children eating sweets and ice-cream with high levels of unhealthy chemicals, sleeping without any mosquito nets, and so on. There are cases of health issues that could have been prevented, had there been more serious understanding about health. 

Thus, school building is my approach to helping those children. 

Mr. Quy Dinh Pham - Our architect hero of our construction team


All projects


1. Di Thang Primary School (2018)


03 classrooms - 01 teacher room



📍 Yen Minh, Ha Giang Province




2. Huoi Den Kindergarten, Pu Hong (2019)


02 classrooms - 01 teacher room & kitchen converted



📍Dien Bien Dong, Dien Bien Province




3. Two Schools 2020


05 classrooms plus teacher room & WC



📍 Son La & Dak Lak Province


Construction in-progress (2020)

Sùng Mí Nhù

Sùng Mí Nhù

Grade 3

I like Vietnamese and reading comic books!

Thào Mí Máy

​Thào Mí Máy

Grade 2

I love comic books and love having many more of them to read!

Thào Mí Pó

Thào Mí Pó

Grade 2

I love both comic books and Math.

DiThang6 children.jpg

Our children

in forgotten lands

Yen Minh, Ha Giang

Mua Thị Xúa

Mua Thị Xúa

Grade 1

I know how to count. I really love seeing pictures of other students across the country.

Mua Thị Tủng

Mua Thị Tủng

Grade 1

Now I can read. I love jumping ropes with my friends.




IEG Foundation assures that all donors’ rights, as stated below, are respected and fulfilled.

1. To be informed of IEGF’s

●  personnel;

●  project financing;

●  intended uses of the donations;

●  progress of executing the intended uses of the donations


2. To be acknowledged for your contributions and to have the rights to decide the publicity of this acknowledgment

3. To be ensured that your information is used confidentially to the extent provided by law

4. To feel free to ask questions and make suggestions when making a donation, as well as to receive prompt, truthful, forthright, and respectful answers 


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