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Huoi Den school point, which belongs to Pu Hong preschool system (Dien Bien Dong, Dien Bien), is the second school that we have rebuilt. 


The construction project had its fund raised in 2019.  Every day, around 60 children aged under 06 have to walk barefoot to this school where they were taken care of by the dedicated teachers in a temporary kitchen and the below-quality facilities. 


Pu Hong Preschool consists of 17 school points totally with one central point. Huoi Den is one of those school points that we have committed to rebuilding and renovating, hoping that more than 60 preschool children will have a safe and hygienic place to study.


It took us 12 hours to travel from Hanoi to the school by various means of transportation including car, motorbike, and on foot due to the tough, rocky, and steep roads.

450.000.000đ+ Fundraised

300.000.000đ Cost of the project: 

02 Classrooms

01 Multi-purpose room (kitchen and teacher room)

01 Playground


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Started raising fund for Pu Hong

July 2019

Groundbreaking ceremony at Huoi Den school point - Pu Hong preschool 

October 2019

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 13.26.20.png

September 2019

Proceeded the legal construction permission with the local authority and donation procedure with donors

December 2019

Completed the brand new school

Continue the fairy tale of 

Pú Hồng

15.000 USD

Organization donors

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●  intended uses of the donations;

●  progress of executing the intended uses of the donations


2. To be acknowledged for your contributions and to have the rights to decide the publicity of this acknowledgment

3. To be ensured that your information is used confidentially to the extent provided by law

4. To feel free to ask questions and make suggestions when making a donation, as well as to receive prompt, truthful, forthright, and respectful answers